The term feels a bit inauthentic or presumptuous. I think it is more properly applied to an academic context and it is usually paid. If I find a more accurate way to describe it I will. I am leaning on the etymology here:

From "Leviticus", Shmita, a year to let the fields lie fallow and regenerate. Once every 7 years.

I can't take a year, I am thinking of a few months. Explore broader career options, talk to as many people as possible. Take classes in SecDevops related areas. Take some Udemy-level classes on MongoDB, ELK, container management. AWS cert, etc.

I am a generalist at this point in my career, and an "individual contributor". I need to have a demonstrable focus and it will be security focused SRE.

I need flexibility. I should probably incorporate to be able to do project based work if needed and setup a better "WFH" platform.

I have some personal goals as well. A more active investing routine. Help my wife with the inventory management and marketing for her business. Get back to the BJJ mats (after I have the 2nd vaccine ). Get the grandfather's clock working again. Get back to Linux HAM radio. Average over a 90 on my mantisx drills.

Some things to continue and not lose momentum: EMT shifts (improve patient care and crew chief duties), Wim Hof exercises, mediation (Sam Harris' waking up), varied bodyweight and kettlebell work. Keep reading; keep writing.